How to buy an antique furniture

You might not believe that  I have  a very heavy, unique, beautiful  and antique  furniture. To lift this furniture around 6-8 people needed to help me.

a unique furniture.

Very big, heavy and beautiful tabel


This antique and unique furniture  made of root of big teak tree ( we call it gembol)  is still sturdy-powerful until now . This kind of furniture nearly two meters in diameter  is as a souvenir given by  a friend of mine who stays in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia.

Look at the table as shown below and you will find   two dragon heads and tails and also two very beautiful eagle at the foot of the table. These two dragons body spread to the foot of the table. Besides that there are  two eagles are ready to fly flapping wings and show their eyes bitch.


Head of the dragon .

Head of the dragon

Beautiful eagle ready to fly

Beautiful eagle


In addition to the table, also there are 4 chairs that are also made of teak root with beautiful carvings.  Those chairs  are indeed  very hard so that need to be given mattress to make us  feel more comfortable while sitting.


unique chair


Strong, hard and very unique chair

antique and unique chair.

If you want to buy those strong, unique and antique furnitures  please visit Banyuwangi or other cities in Indonesia  which make those beautiful handicrafts to include unique and antique furnitures.