The Enchantment of Jaipong Dance

Jaipong Dance or often called Jaipongan is a genre of dance that was born from the creativity of an artist from Bandung, Gugum Gumbira.

This exciting dance is one of the West Java arts identity that often appear at special events and big up to statehood. Some people of Central Java, East Java, Bali, Sumatera even people from other countries are also used to  learn Jaipong dance.

The appeal of dancer and also the  dynamic movement and the sound of drums carry their wasp involved moving the body to dance.

Accompanied by a string of strikes a harmonious tone music with body movements of the dancer, make  the beauty of Jaipong dance  comfortable enough to be enjoyed . The musical accompaniment the dancer  is usually a combination of several musical instruments among others: drums, bonang, rincik, demung, fiddle and also the singers.

During its performance,  women Jaipong dancers wear  a nice and glamourous uniform that consist of sinjang (sarong) plus trousers, kebaya ( looks like shirt or blouse with long or short sleeve) and hair bun and also shawl or stole worn over the dancer’s shoulder.

We can see Jaipong dance not only on their performance at a   modern stage, hall, stadium or at the hotel ballroom but we can also enjoy that performance at the weeding party in small vilages, mainly in West Java. There is a pride for some people of the villages if they could be able to entertain their guest with Jaipong dance  in a wedding party held by them. You may also dance with the dancers if you want to.