How to buy souvenirs at flea market

shoppingTraveling abroad with a thick wallet or credit card full of funding was exciting, especially if you want to hunt for souvenirs. But for tourists who need a bit of tactics to spend their money for buying presents for friends or family at home the flea market is the right place to do so.

Almost every city around the world  to include Indonesia have the acreage for flea market. They have a  certain area somewhere, such as flea market in Honolulu is located in the courtyard outside the stadium. There also are holding merchandise in a shopping center or in the court of the mall or near the sidewalk.

Certainly the prices of goods sold at flea market is much cheaper than the goods sold at the mall or shopping center. The quality of the goods market is equally flea to the items which on display at the mall. But for the special goods I suggest you to buy that one at the mall or specialty shops that sell the desired item. Watch,perfume, cameras and other expensive items should be purchased in the shops.

Because the flea market trader considerable amount then you should go around first to see the items while comparing their prices. Don’t be hesitate to bargain the price.

Also do not forget to check the goods before deciding to purchase it who knows there are some parts of the item is damaged, torn, perforated, broken and so forth.

Do not be shy to buy t-shirt, dress, wallet, hat, shocks, key ring, and soon  at flea market since the locals and other foreign tourists are also do the same.