Visit Madurodam Netherlands

Madurodam ComplexIndonesia has the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or beautiful Indonesia Miniature , and The Hague has Madurodam which is located in Schevenigen-The Hague, Netherlands. We we visit Madurodam we will find  various unique buildings and landmarks which are located in various cities in The Netherlands. Comparison between the original building with its miniature at Madurodam is 1: 25.

This miniature building construction was initiated by Mrs. B. Boon-van der Starp and Mr and Mrs JML Maduro.
Mrs. Boon-van der Starp is a member of the Society For the Support of the Dutch Student Sanatorium in Laren which aims to assist students who safering tubercolosis . While Mr. and Mrs. Maduro from Willemstad, Curacao was eager to establish a monument in honor of their only son George, who died of typhus as a prisoner at Dachau in February 1945.

Furthermore, Maduro name used to name these miniature buildings and hereinafter referred to Madurodam. Thus, Madurodam is built with two purposes ie as a war monument (commemorating the children Mr. Maduro) and as a charitable foundation as part of the proceeds to finance the hospital with tubercolosis patients.
The Architect of Madurodam is S.J Bouma.

When you visit Netherland dont forget to visit Madurodam to see the miniature of  majestic and beautiful building , railway stations, airports completeed with its planes, water mill and so forth. The price of admission ticket  are 14:50 Euro for adults and 10.5 Euro for children at that the time when I visited.