Special goods for travelling

Me in EgyptWhat are the things that must be taken when traveling no matter what type of activities that will be done?

Perhaps there is an opinion, money can solve everything.
So, take the money alone is sufficient. Bu we must remember that under certain conditions, money is useless if the goods which are required is not available in the local market.

That way we have to prepare goods which we need during travelling.

1. ID cards (identity card) to include passport and  driving license.
Without identity cards, you may get the problems when you meet the police is conducting  regular check. We also need ID card when we are checking in at the hotel, or when we are going to rent a vehicle.

2. Cash money for emergencies in remote areas.
A number of experienced back packer save cash in the pockets hidden in their clothing or backpack. In emergency conditions, for example at locations where the credit or debit card can not be used, the reserve fund of secret pockets that can be very helpful.

3. Hat, sunglasses, and a moisturizer to protect skin from the sun.

4. Camera, or a video camera, which of course is very important to perpetuate something that needs to be memento when you travel.

5. Shoes, strong booth and sandals, slipper.

6. Key for luggage or bags. Suitcases, bags, or backpacks should be always in locked condition to prevent the occurrence of theft.

7. Shopping bags to bring your current dirty items home.

8. Tool earplugs. This tool is useful if you do not want to disturbed by the sound of the bell wake up call in the morning.

9. Dental floss , and shaving cream and other bath kits.

10. Waterproof jacket.

11. Anti-malaria drug and mosquito coils. There are still many places in  the world which is a malaria endemic area.

12. A sarong or cloth. This item would have many benefits such as could be hats, towels, or even a cushion on the sand or grass.