Amazing Jembrana arts,culture and natural scenery

Pura Luhur Rambut Siwi Jembrana BaliBali is part of Indonesia which have a lot of interesting places to be visited among other is Jembrana located in the western part of Bali. Jembrana is a regency in the province of Bali, located in the western part of Bali. With the “State” as the capital of Jembrana District, has 5 sub district that are Pekutatan District, District Mendoyo, Jembrana District, State and District Sub Melaya.

When you come from going to the island of Java, Bali by road, then you will pass the full will of Jembrana Tourism International is capable of opening eyes to glance at it, like what the tour, we refer to the following:

Bunut Bolong located in the village of Sari Manggis district. Pekutatan, about 49 km towards east of the City State. Bunut Bunut Bolong Tree that Grows with sustainable where there is underneath the road that connects the district. Pekutatan and Buleleng regency.

This object is well suited to Wana Wisata, because all the way to get there you will be able to enjoy the panorama of Plant cloves.

Medewi Beach is Jembrana I asked. As with the beaches in Bali Medewi beach has its own charm. Medewi Beach is located in the village of Medewi, Kec. Pekutatan, approximately 72 km east towards the City State.

Medewi beach in Jembrana Bali
With waves that lure is well suited to surfing activity. Here also you can enjoy the beauty of sunset thus adding comfort to your heart.

Pura Luhur Rambut Siwi is located 78 km from the east (Denpasar) precisely in the Village District Mendoyo Yeh Embang Kangin. This pura is closely related with the Reverend (Dang Hyang Nirartha) from Majapahit religious travel to Bali and stop at this place to give the teachings of Hinduism.

Jegog art is made from Bamboo Gamelan and only in the Jembrana district with a centralized Sangkaragung Village, approximately 5 km east towards the city of the Sub district.

Jegog Art is very popular and frequently performed in Japan If you want to enjoy this art please come every Sunday and Thursday in the village of Sangkaragung precisely in the studio “Suar Agung”.

Mekepung is attraction of buffalo race, which means running. This attraction has developed since 1930. Mekepung activities are divided into two regions namely the Eastern Bloc with Red and West Block flags with flag Green.

Mekepung buffalo race in Jembrana Bali
Buffalo race

Mekepung event itself was held every 2 weeks in the Eastern Bloc and 2 weeks in the West Block, with circuit Delod berawah and Mertasari (east block), Circuit Kaliakah, Pangkung dalem and Tuwed (west block).

Mekepung (TNBB) Nature conservation is a place which is located in the village Gilimanuk Melaya district, 128 km west towards the city of Denpasar.

The Administrative TNBB in Jembrana regency, district and Singaraja Bali Province. Typical characteristics of TNBB is Bali Starling. If you only hear and read the information of West Bali National Park, would not be complete if we did not look directly to it.

Reviews of Jembrana above is a little part of Jembrana tourism.If you want to know more about tourism in the district of Jembrana, take your time on vacation to visit and enjoy all the beauty cenery,arts and cultureĀ  that exists there. Don’t worry about place stay since there are many Jembrana Hotels there. Don’t be hesitate to visit Jembrana.