Thrifty vacation ala Backpackers

If you have to wait until your saving is enough to go for vacation, might be up to 10 years you will not  be able to do so . Because in general, the remaining salary or pocket money you spent on shopping or hang out with friends. This does not mean that  the problem of money will bury your intention to be open horizons through travel. There is a way of saving so you can traveling without draining the contents of your bag. Yeah right!  The only one is a bakcpacking.

Here are tips to do an efficient and inexpensive vacation in backpackers style:

1. Keep your stamina. From the name has been discovered that these cheap travel while carrying a backpack, instead of dragging a luxury suitcase. Therefore, as a backpacker, you definitely have to be strong. Since the funds must be saved, there is no term to stay in star hotels. Instead you should be ready to stay at the airport even at the train station, and take your goods out once-like the amazing race reality show participants. Not only that, a healthy diet was applied current. A variety of vitamins and supplements should not forget you consume.

2. Do not Spoiled. If you intend to backpacking, you are required to be flexible. The situation can be very different, not like when you’re on holiday with family. There are no soft bed, full bath with warm water or air conditioning. As much as possible you can survive and exploit the natural surroundings. Paulo Coelho, author of Alchemist, provides tips for travelers: Do not like to compare! You walk for recreation, broaden horizons and get to know people from all over the world. So, do not compare the standards of cleanliness, price and quality them with you. Get ready to experience something new and unusual.

3. Browsing. Interested in adventure-style backpackers? If you have never done this, just join the community of backpackers. On this site, a lot of the experiences of backpackers when  adventure  to various places, complete with tips and recommendations of the destination.

4. What You Should Bring. Some of the things below, is the special tools they need backpackers style that you bring in your holiday, such as:

  • Do not wear jeans. Besides the weight, these pants dry when exposed to rain hard. Better to select fabric or cargo pants.
  • Bring map and compass.
  • Do not forget to bring extra socks, hats skullcaps and raincoat with hat.
  • Take at least 2 pack of wet wipes. Due to pursue a time, sometimes your bath sacrificed.
  • Bring the waist bag containing a wallet, cell phone, tissues, a copy of important papers and data you need. Large backpack containing only items that you rarely need.
  • Wrap the essential goods and ATM cards, credit cards and passports with plastic.
  • Prepare medications, minimal wind oils, vitamins, flu medicine and plaster-for you the women do not forget the napkins.