Bali is not just Kuta

Kuta beach BaliBali is not just Kuta

Kuta beach may transpire from Mads Lange of Denmark who came to trade in the 19th century. However, since Julia Roberts came, the name of Padang-Padang Beach was the one who started the fore. There are also many dreamland, Geger Beach, Canggu Beach,Suluban beach , and other beaches with a charm that are still untouched by tourists yet.

Kuta always create a longing for those who’ve been there. However, you should not be afraid to explore beautiful places, which according to some people even more beautiful than Kuta. Undoubtedly you will increasingly fall in love with Bali.

Beautiful beach in Bali is not just Kuta. The beach is on the rise because of the movie Eat, Pray, Love, starring Julia Roberts is Padang-Padang. The film jump-start this beach like Phi-Phi Island, Krabi Province, Thailand, the well-known thanks to the film The Beach starring Leonardo Caprio.


Padang-Padang beach is located 30 kilometers south of Kuta, Jimbaran Beach is parallel with, not far from the region Luhur Uluwatu Temple in Bali’s northwest side. If you need a quiet and private atmosphere, it’s worth trying to get there. Padang-Padang Beach is still very natural. A condition in contrast to Kuta which is almost every year after routine laid out in such a way affected by abrasion. In Padang-Padang, coral rose with leafy trees around it to provide comfort for visitors. By day, the rock becomes protector as well as a comfortable area from the sun.

Padang-Padang Beach Bali

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Still in the village of Pecatu, tourists can enjoy the beach, namely in Côte Suluban. Suluban in Balinese language means “to run or pass under something.” To reach the beach, visitors who want to go there must go through a rock cave before they finally reached the coast of a vast, white sandy thundering waves favored by surfers tourists.

Pecatu of course inseparable from the existence of Dreamland Beach. “Beach Dreams” which also received the title of New Kuta is now more organized after the construction of Palm Resort, which is one area that was developed in Bali Pecatu Graha. This complex consists of elite housing, golf courses, and hospitality. Palm Resort becomes a kind of entrance to the beach area, equipped with lounges and upscale restaurants. Tourists can still enjoy the beach is through access roads and parking at the resort’s southern region.

Suluban beach Bali

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Other coastal areas outside the three types of beaches on the Coast Geger. Geger which is on the east and south of Bali offers the freshness of the morning calm atmosphere plus ocean. Geger Beach is located in Sawangan, about three kilometers from the southern area of Nusa Dua. In the midst of busyness seaweed farmers, tourists do not pay a penny because  to see this beach is free of charge.

Simply pay for parking vehicles, tourists can enjoy the tranquility as much beach, complete with white sand of course. To enjoy a drink, food, in one corner there are several stalls which provide a variety of soft drinks. This thatch-roofed shop blend with the natural, as if untouched world-style development of modern tourism.

Bali Geger beach

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There are still many

Several alternative options on the beach can wipe should concern a number of parties that Bali will be abandoned people. Several alternative options is deliberately chosen for year-end holidays. The consideration, there is limited time vacationing tourists at the end of this year that on average a week maximum.

If listed, actually there are many beaches in other areas in Bali charming. Starting from the east coast of Bali, the Sunrise Beach until Mertasari. Sunrise Beach, for instance, best visited from 6 am until about 7:30. While hunting sunrise photos, we can enjoy breakfast while sipping tea or hot orange. There are also beaches on the east and north Singaraja Karangasem, Lovina is famous as the dolphins lumbanya. In the vicinity there is also a beach Canggu Petitenget and Eco Beach.

” The issue of security do not worry, the SAR team in each region is always ready to secure the territory of each beach, in particular that have been opened into the common tourists,” said Chairman Ketut Parwa Bali Search and Rescue team. Coastal areas in general also be protected by local custom village Pecalang.

Another key to better market the beaches in Bali truly is changing the paradigm of domestic tourists. It’s no secret, if some stakeholders in the Bali tourist prefers foreign rather than domestic markets.
In fact, according to one perpetrator of tourism in Bali, Gede Karang Jro Suarsana, “When the number of them (domestic tourists), big and good macro economy, they can be more extravagant than any other foreign tourists.”

Former Chairman of the Association of Travel Bureau (Asita) Bali was revealed, a number of domestic travelers from the upper middle class known to be very generous. Thus, the difference in treatment between foreign tourists and wisdom must be eliminated. They can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere alongside the beaches in Bali, Bali is not just Kuta alone. You should know that Bali island: the most amazing place in the world.