Trip to Ujung Genteng Sukabumi

Some time ago I and friends had to walk to the Ujung Genteng, a coastal region south of Sukabumi, with various tourist spots scattered in the area. Located approximately 200 kilometers from Jakarta, takes about 6 to 8 hours of travel to reach  Ujung Genteng. According the plan four of us will be there for 2 days, 2 nights, with overnight transit in Sukabumi, utilizing the holiday weekend so it does not require a permit leave of absence.

As an amateur budget backpacker, we headed Ujung Genteng with a budget of IDR 200,000 per person. as well as some print-outs on the internet and expertise of Google result Partners Before leaving for Ujung Genteng we search information about the exact location of Ujung Genteng to determine  the mode and route of transportation.

The first day, Friday at 16.30. Our meeting point was  at the Percetakan Negara Office. From there the four of us heading for Pulogadung Bus station  which it route was from Jakarta to Bogor and finally to  Sukabumi.

We arrived Sukabumi  at 20.00 with the weather conditions was drizzle. We continued on with ELF Surade-Bogor, which  the driver said that this vehicle could fit up to 18 people! Whereas the normal capacity of only about 12 people! In the ELF that we could only laugh realize that sitting position is not so comfortable.

Due to rain and traffic jams caused by people are leaving office hours, we arrived at the station Cibadak Sukabumi around 21:00. We stayed overnight at my friends’ grandmother’s house  and treated to a dinner that feels really good because an empty stomach and the body that already feels tired. After  bathing and dinner, we immediately prepared to take a rest to save our  energy for tomorrow morning journey.

On the second day, Saturday at 07.30 we continued our journey from Cibadak  to Lembur  Situ  bus station to go to Ujung Genteng. Approaching Ujung Genteng the driver offered to us to rent his minibus  during our picnic there. From the results of bargaining, we finally agreed to hire his mini bus at a cost of  IDR 160,000 for a shuttle, looking for lodging, drive to the Cikaso waterfall Cikaso and chasing the sunset on Cipanarukan beach We also asked him to be our tour guide.

Erik the driver also became our new friends during a stroll on Ujung Genteng. Arriving  Ujung Genteng  our first impression was  that although the coast, the wind was  cool, we didn,t know why.

There we find lodging with accompanied by Erik. Some inns are on average has a name with a prefix of the word “cottage” we could go to compare prices. Finally we got a lodging at a price of IDR 200,000 in Cottage Adi.We also visited another bungalow named ” Cibuaya”. This mini bungalow has facilities 2 bedrooms each 4 beds, 1 bathroom, small pantry, and living room plus patio.

I suggested  to stay at Pondok Adi, although there was no air conditioning, but it is clean and comfortable condition and new bathroom. We put the goods, change casual clothes and then immediately left for Cikaso waterfall.

Cikaso Waterfall

The hidden waterfalls in the area that must pass through the river valley is located 16 km from Surade bus station. Once in the Post Tour Cikaso waterfall, we rented a boat at a price of  IDR 50,000 (normally IDR 60,000). This boat with a capacity of 6 to 8 people, so it was very cheap when divided by 8 people. From the end of the river down to the  Cikaso waterfall only took about 5 minutes.

During the journey, our eyes are pampered by a breathtaking natural scenery. Especially after seeing the  Cikaso waterfall . The water is very clean and we can play water here. If you want to pass the river stones,  you must be careful because of slippery.

Ujung Genteng Beach .

After satisfied  playing in the  Cikaso waterfall, we returned to bungalow to see the sunset.  We remind Erik  to take  us to Surade next morning. Actually we also asked Erik to accompany us to visit  Pangumbahan beach to see turtle breeding place at Edge Genteng but Erik refused since he wanted to enjoy his weekend.

Captive turtles Pangumbahan

Once satisfied taking some oictures of the sunset and dinner in a small shop that seems to have closed  we found motorcycle taxi to drive us to Pangumbahan beach.  We finally knew that each lodge has a subscription ojek ( motorcycle taxi) respectively. The fares  of ojek (motorcycle taxi) was IDR 40,000 per person back and forth. We asked the management of Adi bungalow to  look for motorcycles  taxi for us.

At 20:30 we were picked up by motorcycle taxi. From there we headed to Pangumbahan beach  through small streets and dark. This dark conditions necessary for a breeding turtles. Because turtles  which will lay eggs when seeing the light would be reluctant to lay eggs and will return to the sea. Hence the condition of the streets are dark and not fitted with lights at all. If it were not accustomed to motorcycle taxis, I think certainly we’ve lost.

About 5-10 minutes later we arrived at the place of turtles breeding. We saw and touch some young turtles  which will be released tomorrow morning (about 5 o’clock dawn). As I recall, officials there had told me that to see turtles laying eggs takes patience and diligence because of the schedule turtle laying eggs, usually at 20.00 until 04.00, not necessarily.
We were lucky to finally able to see the turtles lay eggs at around 22:00.

In place of captivity there are six checkpoints. Incidentally turtle that was laying there in the Post 6, the far post. The sand on this beach is very thick and smooth. Because the dark, so I can only guess what it happend. Again and again we stumble by basins  sand deep enough. We were laughing until stomach pain when one of us tripped over each other since that time we join hands, afraid to separate! It makes so falling one, fall all!

I just know, it turns out though when I want to lay their eggs must have a beach that is free of light conditions, when turtles are laying eggs like any condition was not affected him. Therefore, when turtles are laying eggs is a good time to photograph the mother turtle. The beach is dark now beginning to get peppered with flashes of the cameras flash from the audience. After photographing the mother turtle satisfied, we returned to the inn. Clean up and then rest to see the sunrise the next morning.

The third day, Sunday at 05.00, after prayer, and without a shower we went straight away to find the sunrise. Because we did  not know where to go, we became the way to the sun without knowing the purpose. Apparently after walking far enough, we find TPI (fish auction place), and a wide beach with the sun rising. From a distance looks a lot of photographers who tried to capture the beauty of the sun that had just woken from his sleep.

At 07:00 we went back to the inn, clean up, and 0830 turned out to Eric for picking. We had to Villa Amanda Queen of all new client take Erik, and we found the “Tanah Lot” mini.

About 15 minutes of play there, we immediately went to Surade. Erik was really a very helpful guide. From Surade, we ride towards the Bogor ELF-Surade Degung Terminal. At 18.00, we finally arrived in Jakarta. We split up into their homes. It was a  happy holidays!

Ujung Genteng was  superb! We did not get to some other tourist spots, but our experience  was really very, very exciting and fun. Calculated as an exercise to be a reliable budget backpacker! For the record, total spending on all items (including accommodation, transportation, and meals) is IDR 291, 000 for 3 days 2 nights.

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    Very very helpful!! Im planning to go there next week with my backpakers friends…Thanks for the beautiful story.

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