Amazing places you must visit

Amazing places in the world you must visit. There is nothing wrong if you have more funds to go to beautiful places in the country. Not just a vacation, but you can also become a witness of history of these beautiful places before they ‘disappear’.


Taj Mahal.
Taj Mahal IndiaMajestic palace located in the city of Agra, India, this is actually a tomb. The tomb of a queen, Mumtaz Mahal, built by Emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century. About 3 to 4 million tourists come to visit this building a symbol of love each year. And now, the local Tourism Department intends to close this historic building from the public visit.

Before the Taj Mahal is really closed, you can still come and enjoy a round dome magnitude symmetrical and majestic. Four smaller domes that stand in the corners of the main dome. Towering minarets in the corners of buildings, and also a pool that describe peace.

I was lucky to visit this amazing place in 2004 with my friends..

Lord Howe Island.
On the island located in the Australian region have more than 130 species of birds. And if you walk along its east coast, you can watch the sea birds are beautiful and amazing, one of which is the most endangered species of sea birds in the world, birds Providence. In the area of tropical forests, in the hills north, you can also see the red tails of tropical birds elegant and beautiful.

But now half the population of the birds there began to decline due to poaching. In addition, serious problems, such as chemical pollution and oil in water, soil, dirty water, a serious concern.

That is why, now Lord Howe Island is protected and regulated in such a way. Now only 400 tourists are allowed to come. Even most of the territory, which consists of the southern mountains and hills in the north, is permanently protected nature reserves.

Pyramids of Giza.
The tip of a pointy pyramid is gone, and several layers of white limestone that lines the sides of the tilt away several years ago.Pyramid Egypt But the pyramid is the only genuine relic of the ancient world still standing. The pyramid is still standing in the desert of Egypt, the Sphinx at his side.

In the past, this pyramid was built as a tomb for King Khufu, fourth dynasty king of Egypt. Built in circa 2560 BC. But now, visitors, merchants, and other parties often do not maintain continuity and order in the territory of this ancient building. The Egyptian government itself is still working hard to protect the region.

I visited this amazing place in 2005 along with my friends. It wa really a lot of fun.


Forbidden City.
Forbiden city Beijing ChinaComplex residence of the emperors of China was already 500 years old. About 24 Chinese emperors lived in this city since 1420 until 1923. It is said as the Forbidden City because the city had indeed forbidden to the commoners.

But now nearly seven million visitors come every year to see this magnificent palace nan. Most visitors who come are Chinese citizens who want to know their historic buildings. But some sectors closed for major renovation in progress until 2020.

I visited this amazing place in 2006.


.Little Green Street.
2.5 meter wide road located in the city of London has inspired many artists and artist to create poetry, music videos, and photos. This small road is only paved with pebbles, and on the sides of the road there are only a dozen houses with 18th-century model that has begun to damage. Even so, the road is very beautiful and antique so it is very inspiring.

But now this street and surrounding buildings are threatened with extinction because of modernization construction. The campaigns to save the Little Green Street is shared by a dozen families who lived there, and invite the attention of the actors, writers, musicians, and other citizens who care about the legacy of history. Once again, Amazing places in the world you must visit I have told you.