How to make kids stay calm during travelling

Yoe want to go for vacation with your kids to visit and show  to your parents that you have nice kids . You should remember that traveling with a baby can be a major challenge for parents. This is due to the children so easily bored if they should sit for long periods. And, if you do not know how to control them, the trip could turn into a nightmare.

Here are some tips you can do to make your child stay calm during the trip.

1. Food

Make sure you bring plenty of food and beverages. Children usually always hungry and thirsty during a long journey. So, do not be negligent in providing cakes, breads, fresh fruit, and a few bottles of water.

2. Toys

Besides can make a busy, toys can also prevent children fighting with friends or relatives who go together with you in the car. Bring more than 1 toy when there are some kids in the car.

3. Music.

Let the music swelled so that the children feel comforted. You can even invite them humming along. Not only makes the heart happy, but they can also learn something from him.

4. Enchantment book

If a child likes to read, the book is a best friend who can keep them busy for hours.

5. Schools in car

Ask them to perform activities that are interesting, fun, and useful at once, such as drawing, coloring, puzzles, connecting dots, or answer the riddle. Not only comforting, but also makes children more intelligent.

6. DVD

You can bring a portable DVD player and varied spectacle which favored child. Children busy, you need not bother.

7. Video games

Not every game is bad. Just so you know choosing the right games, children can learn a lot from the media on this one. However video games is as important as eating and sleeping in a child’s mind.

8. ‘Tim’ cleaners

With the many items in the car, ranging from food to toys, of course you also should be alert for any ‘accidents’ that might occur. Spilled food can make kids complain and nag if not treated immediately.

9. Adjust the distance of view

If you take a route that presents a great view, make sure the position of the child can see that there is a view from inside the car.

10. Time for a quiz

Limited in bringing the games or books? Do not worry! You can play with the baby asked questions.

By practicing some of the tips above, you can bet your trip will be enjoyable and far from ‘terror naughty’ children. Have a nice trip!

Make your kids enjoy the trip without making you getting mad.