How to stay healthy during trip

Do you intend to travel? Be it a business trip, visiting family or holiday, make sure that you always maintain good health while traveling so as not to hurt when it arrived at their destination.

Your plan will be chaotic for a vacation when you come to your destination in a state of pain, but when leaving your very excellent condition. During the trip, you still have to maintain health, especially if you have experienced a long journey for hours and go to the location where the weather conditions and different seasons of the place of your departure.

Always Hygienic

You will move where. From the taxi, sitting in a chair waiting room, buy something, and who knows what else you do until your hands are full of bacteria and germs that can cause diarrhea and flu. It would be difficult if you have to wash your hands every time, so please bring hand sanitizer in the form of gel or wipes that contain alcohol. This way, you’re protected from the transfer of bacteria from the hand into your gastrointestinal tract.

Eating Healthy Foods

Although there are many ready meals are available, you still have to eat a healthy diet with good nutrition. Nothing wrong with a little lunch you bring food from home, especially fresh fruits, wheat bread or low-calorie creaker as the journey. Taking into account the intake of healthy nutrients, your body will always excellent until arriving at their destination.

Rest Enough

Long your journey? Try to sleep enough before the day of departure. Sleep and adequate rest will increase immunity and restore your stamina. Calculated also what will you do after arriving at the destination location, if after you get to direct a rest, it would be good. If not, use your travel time to sleep.

Provide Mineral Water

Instead of drinking a cup of coffee at the airport, drink mineral water that can quickly replace lost body fluids. Even if you just sit the whole way and not strenuous, always select mineral water as your traveling companion. Bottled mineral water would be cleaner than mineral water can be drunk straight from the tap water. So please bring mineral water throughout the trip.

Prepare your self before leaving for traveling.