Bandung the Paris van Java

Bandung Tangkuban PerahuBandung city which part of West Java province is also called Paris van Java.

There are many public transportation to Bandung such as train, bus, mini bus or airplane. It takes around 2 hours by car from Jakarta to Bandung.
While traveling  to Bandung, do not miss the cool, distant legendary attractions in the area of ​​Lembang is Tangkuban Parahu. Natural attractions that supposedly happened because Sangkuriang foot shot on a boat is to form the plateau which, if viewed from a distance will look like a boat overturned. Really?

This myth has become a tale passed down through generations in the community of Bandung people. But certainly, nature tourism in the Village Cikole, about ± 28-30 km from the city center is the result of the formation of a volcano with a crater activity, symptoms of hot springs and sulfur deposition. This mountain has been inactive since the eruption in 1969, so its pretty safe to visit.

Sulfur smell that stings the nose the smell when entering the main entrance of the post. Here the visitors are required to pay admission Rp13.000 per person. Mini transportation available to deliver visitors from Bandung to the lip of the crater.

Landscape forest expanse of green eyes will accompany your journey to the mountaintop. Not infrequently, the visitor who likes hiking prefer to walk over to enjoy the journey.

Tangkuban altitude reaches 2084 m Parahu which makes the air around the area pretty cool. Sometimes in the afternoon haze blanketing the crater, so it is recommended you bring a jacket or heavy clothing to ward off the cold. You could buy one in Bandung shopping center.

The total amounted to 13 crater. Each crater was given a unique name among Domas Crater and Upas crater near the main crater of Crater Queen. Bak ‘rule’ of small craters around it, Crater Ratu is the  largest crater in the region.

The other crater are Rhino, Crater Jarian, Demon Crater, Crater Ecoma, and Crater Jurig / Crater Ghosts. Other craters have disappeared closed crater that formed later.

Wandering around the crater, you can find souvenir stalls that offer various handicrafts of West Java or Bandung. Call it like dolls, Bandung shirts, scarves, sulfur powder, instant bandrek, hats, necklaces, bracelets, musical instruments angklung, and others. Expertise bargain here is absolutely necessary for your budget stay “safe” when shopping.

For those of you who are hungry, no need to worry. Apart from food stalls and drink, here are also many food and beverage vendors hawking instant roaming to visitors that encounter. You could select various menu such as Soto Bandung.

Access to Tangkuban Parahu can be reached by private car or public transport. If you want a backpacker’s or ride public transportation, from the city of Bandung select the route to Terminal Plumbing. Then shift gears in the direction of Lembang Market. Well, the public transportation market connected to the village of Lembang Cikole. You also could rent a car from Bandung to this place.

The average transportation cost-Rp30.000 15,000 per person. The price is quite worth it for the sake of enjoying the cool air and the panoramic beauty of the forest surrounding the white crater Tangkuban Mt that would eliminate all saturated and tired of your routine in the city of Bandung, Jakarta or Surabaya.

Talking about Bandung, you could select any kind of hotel or motel for your accommodation during visit Bandung.

Enjoy the panorama of Bandung or Paris van Java and try to sing Halo-Halo Bandung which is so popular.

Do visit Bandung.