Toba Lake the Largest Volcanic Lake

Toba LakeToba Lake which is located in North Sumatera Indonesia is amazing.

Toba Lake or you can call it as Danau Toba is the famous lake which can be the one of your destinations for having travelling there and this is the largest of volcanic lake in the worldwide which located in Sumatra, Indonesia. Well, Indonesia has a lot of beautiful heaven place such as this object. With the Samosir Island in this Toba Lake, this made the completeness of beauty in this location. In fact, this Toba Lake covered the area for around 1,000 sq or you can think that it is bigger than Singapore that is the amazing fact about the width of the lake itself.

The cultural side that you can find in this Toba Lake is about the cultural centre from Batak tribe who lived there and majority is as the Christians. However, this object ever became the popular tourist destination even now it does not work well. There are a lot of services that you can find, but not too much crowded. If you think that you need the beauty bosky tourist object, you can visit this object. Not only that, but you can also find out the cheaper price and also the friendly local to help your business.

The most impressive destination that you have in this place is when you can meet the Chinese tourist in Chinese New Year because it will give a cheaper accommodation cost for you. In this lake, you can enjoy the hot spring and also the hot water so that you can relax there. The fee to enter is cheap, that is only Rp.2, 000 but if you think that you need a pool which is special for foreigner, and then you need to pay Rp.10, 000.

To get around in Toba Lake, you can use the local transportation. For the school boats you need to pay cheaper than using public boats. Meanwhile, if you think that you want to rent a motorcycle for one day, you will get the charge only Rp.7, 000 with the full petrol. Moreover, you can bargain it and that is good for your finance.  But of course you have to return it before sunset or if not, you will get the fine. You can get travelling using motorcycle to go around Tuk Tuk to Western shore so that you can find out the traditional houses.

One point that you need to remember and be careful is about the road which is bad. Also, you need to bring sun block and use it because the heat in afternoon is enough for traveling in Toba Lake.


Toba Lake.

Toba Lake.


Toba Lake your favorit place to visit.