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Visiting Palembang the Capital of South Sumatera

Palembang, the capital of  South Sumatera Province will be more popular since South East Asia Games will be held in this city this month.

Thousand people will visit this “Empek Empek City” to watch this sport event and also traveling to enjoy the beautiful of the city as well as many places around this area. They also could enjoy empek-empek, a delicious and very popular  food made in Palembang.


Ampera Bridge ~ image embassyof

How to reach Palembang ?

You could go to Palembang by plane and stop in Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II airport which located approximately 15 km from Palembang or also could go by bus or ship if you go from Jakarta,Padang or Medan.


Jaka Baring Stadium Palembang~image

While watching various sport competition in SEA Games 2011 you could also visit many interesting places in Palembang or outside Palembang city. Around  Musi River you could visit Ampera Bridge, Museum Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II, Great Mosque Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II, Benteng Kuto Besak Kuto Besak Fort and so on.

Outside of the city of Palembang people coluld visit Pulau Kemaro ( Kemaro Island) by using small ship around 30 menit. You could see Klenteng(pagoda)  there which full of people during Chinese New Year or Cap Go Meh. Another places that interesting to be visited  are :

  • Punti Kayu Forest Tourism
  • Songket Craft Industries
  • Market 16 Ilir
  • Archaeological Park of Sriwijaya
  • Taman Bukit Siguntang Antiquities
  • Musi II Bridge
  • Bala Putera Dewa Museum and soon


Again, don’t forget to enjoy empek-empek Palembang and various food such as model, tekwan, martabak mesir and so on. Last but not last don’t forget also to buy songket, the beautiful cloth and sarung made in Palembang.

Palembang with Ampera Bridge as an icon is a beautiful  place to be visited soon.

Bunaken Sea Park

Bunaken Sea ParkBunaken  Sea Park which located in North Sulawesi Indonesia is one of the tourist places which is well – known in the world.

There are a lot of visitors come to this Bunaken Sea Park object which has wide more than 75 hectares and also it is includes as one from the ten of the most famous diving places in the world wide.

Well, believe it or not that you can dive for more than 100 meters of the depth and you can feel the warm water from the sea which can make you feel so relax to dive there.  Here, you can find out the consist of the several islands such as Bunaken island, island of Sinaden, island of Mantehage, island of Manado tua, and the last one is about island of Nain. There is some points that you can find with the various of the depth and it is located on the island of Bunaken. Read More »