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Bandung the Paris van Java

Bandung Tangkuban PerahuBandung city which part of West Java province is also called Paris van Java.

There are many public transportation to Bandung such as train, bus, mini bus or airplane. It takes around 2 hours by car from Jakarta to Bandung.
While traveling  to Bandung, do not miss the cool, distant legendary attractions in the area of ​​Lembang is Tangkuban Parahu. Natural attractions that supposedly happened because Sangkuriang foot shot on a boat is to form the plateau which, if viewed from a distance will look like a boat overturned. Really? Read More »

Submarine in the middle of a city

Submarine MonumentSubmarine can only be found in the ocean, who said say so? Submarine which one is actually there in the middle of metropolitan city, Surabaya.

Yup, the one and only, Submarine Monument on Jl. Pemuda Surabaya or as know as Monkasel stands for Monumen Kapal Selam. Read More »