Jembrana Bali and Buffalo Racing

Jembrana is a regency (Kabupaten) in the province of Bali, located in the western part of Bali. With Negara as the capital, Jembrana consist of 5 districts or Kecamatan. They are  Pekutatan, Mendoyo, Jembrana , Negara and Melaya District.

When you come from island of Java and will go to  Bali by road, then you will pass Jembrana regency which full of  beautiful  panorama is capable of opening eyes the international tourist  to glance at it.

A friend of mine I Putu Budi Arnaya will tell you about tourism in Jembrana regency.Read more

Bandung the Paris van Java

Bandung Tangkuban PerahuBandung city which part of West Java province is also called Paris van Java.

There are many public transportation to Bandung such as train, bus, mini bus or airplane. It takes around 2 hours by car from Jakarta to Bandung.
While traveling  to Bandung, do not miss the cool, distant legendary attractions in the area of ​​Lembang is Tangkuban Parahu. Natural attractions that supposedly happened because Sangkuriang foot shot on a boat is to form the plateau which, if viewed from a distance will look like a boat overturned. Really?… Read more