Enjoy dinner at Nile River

Dinner at Nile CruiserDefinitely it was not enough when we we are in Cairo did not enjoy dinner in the ship down the river Nile. Therefore I was very glad when a friend of mine invited us to have  dinner at a restaurant in the Nile Cruiser since this will be alot of fun.

In the Nile River basin look like a  night market because the restaurant lights on the sip is very bright. Man who was enjoying dinner on the ship passing along the Nile River is like fish in a giant aquarium.

Foods that are popular in Cairo  it is fried pigeon. It is very delicious one and the price of the food was also reasonable.

While enjoying delicious food and looked at boats milling about and bumped into the ship that we were riding there is music and dance entertainment. Of course you have to guess how the dance form … Read more

Where do you buy tax free items?

Do not be easily tempted to claim tax-free goods at the international airport. You need to be careful and know the latest information to be able to benefit maximally.
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