The Beauty of Lake Toba North Sumatra

The beauty of Lake TobaWhen we visit Lake Toba, the word amazing or incredible it is inappropriate to describe it. The lake measuring 100 km x 30 km, this is the biggest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Surrounded by high plains and mountains covered by pine trees.

The lake is more like the ocean, has a long history, as based on scientific data, formerly of Mount Toba erupted three times ever. These eruptions produce some of the caldera.

The first eruption occurred about 840 million years ago. This eruption produced the caldera in the south of Lake Toba, covering area Prapat and Porsea. The second eruption that has a smaller force, occurred 500 million years ago. This eruption formed the caldera in the north of Lake Toba. Precisely in the area between Silalahi with Haranggaol. The third eruption 74,000 years ago produced a caldera, and be present with Lake Toba Samosir Island … Read more

Tip How to buy shoes

Most people will need  shoes as a basic equipment to protect his legs. But in the subsequent development shoes are also to enhance our appearance so that the wearer will look more handsome, beautiful, nice, graceful and elegant. It is therefore not surprising that the models, colors and materials of shoes increasingly diverse.… Read more