Kuta Beach Bali Tourist Great Resort

Kuta BeachKuta beach, Bali tourist great resort is one place that attract both domestic and international tourists.

Kuta Beach actually has been known well by the tourist who ever visit bali and that is good for Indonesia since bali is the part of Indonesia. It is for the tourist which is comes and located on the road that you can reach from denpasar to bukit peninsula and as the tourism place object it is popular especially for the young and adventurous people who like to travel.

If you visit bali, one object that you need to go there is about visiting this beach since it is the most favorite even it is the number one of the beaches which is so crowded because of the tourist. There, you can find out the great panorama and also the amazing natural scene which is rare that you can find in another place.

As a heaven, many people talk well about Kuta beach and they have the same feeling that they would like to come back in that tourism object since it is good for them and they feel that this beach is so attractive. You can see the coconut trees in the Kuta beach and it is lined rapidly to the sand of the beach and it seems that full of it which make the weather feels so good there.

How to reach Kuta beach ?

You can visit this tourism object first by running away from Denpasar’s airport to the west. Not only that, but there is a great reason about why you need to visit this beach when you have a travelling to go around Indonesia, or only in bali itself because is about the scene of the sunset which is so amazing for you and of course you would never want to go home if you just arrive and see the sunset.  Besides that, if you like surfing all the time, the Kuta Beach has a good wave for you so that you can do surfing there and even it is challenging for you.  You can play all the time in this place within your family even it can be one of the great place for you to enjoy your honeymoon.

Well, this is so romantic place for you and you can spend it with your couple. You can also take a picture, doing picnic or if the good day is happen and you want to enjoy it in the morning, it still good for you because you can enjoy the warmth of the sunrise in Kuta Beach.

Do visit Kuta beach while you are in Bali.

Funeral in Trunyan Bali

Village Trunyan-Bali also called the Bali Aga or Bali Mula, which means the original Balinese, Bali mountains. Trunyan Villagers believed himself to be Bali derivatives because their ancestors came down from heaven to earth Trunyan. The name of Trunyan can also mean the presence of Taru tree that is the trees  which spread incense fragrance.


human skulls.

Trunyan village has many interesting thing to see. One is the habit of local residents in bury. Unlike most of the Balinese who perform ceremonies Ngaben by burning the corpse, but at the village they just put all the death bodies in a certain place so it is only one place. The bodies are in the fence the food shelf made of bamboo form a cone to avoid the wild animal attacks.

The laying of the bodies mentioned above only applies to those who died naturally. Meanwhile, residents who died from accidents, suicide, there are injuries or a child who has not dated milk teeth remain in the grave such as burial in general.

For people who have never seen a corpse, the Village will look very armature Trunyan because it will meet or see many human skulls here and there. But that’s just skulls the main attraction of the Village Trunyan.

In addition, the Village also has a unique dance which  they call it  Brutuk Barong Dance. Brutuk Barong Dancers wearing clothes made of leaves Kraras or dried banana leaves. People believe  that Brutuk Barong Dance is the incarnation of  Ratu Pancering Jagat who is the ancestors of local residents. This is the amazing oleh Trunyan-Bali