Bromo mountain beauty active volcano

Bromo MountainBromo Mountain is one of the tourism object located between Bali and Surabaya and also it is the most famous tourism object for all of the travel destinations around East Java.

This is the active mountain and it has a high of around 7 foot and the length is 70 miles. If you visit this tourism object, you only need to spend out around three hours and it is the southeast of the Surabaya. There are three mountains and the craters itself is in one crater which is huge and it is so massive. If you like travelling or do hiking in this Bromo mountain, there are some points that you have to remember when you choose this mountain for your hiking is that you need the ideal time to visit it that is on the dry season around April to November so that when you have the best chance to enjoy and watch the scene of sunrise especially in the wet season when you will enjoy to spend out your time by enjoying the sand sea in the warmer time in the day after the fog is gone.

Well, you have to know that the temperature in the peak of Bromo Mountain is more than 40 degree, and when you stay there in July, the temperature will be down to 32 degree, that is why you have to know that you need to use your thick dress and it is warm for your body. For the month in February for the tourist, the annual festival will be held on there and for the Christmas moment during July and also august, you have to visit in another time if you also want to find out the time where it is not so crowded for you so that you can find out not too much crowds in Bromo Mountain.

It can be no reason for you to not visit this object of tourism place if you just have a chance to visit this mountain. With the attractive sand sea and also the crater which became the great scene that is enjoyed as if it is the daily ritual for the visitors, it has a good landscape. The important information that you need to know if you want to see the culture in this place that is when you have to come in fourteenth of the day of Tenggerese month in December.

The local inhabitants will celebrate the kind of thanksgiving in Bromo Mountain.

Do visit and enjoy the beauty of Bromo Mountain