Funeral in Trunyan Bali

Village Trunyan-Bali also called the Bali Aga or Bali Mula, which means the original Balinese, Bali mountains. Trunyan Villagers believed himself to be Bali derivatives because their ancestors came down from heaven to earth Trunyan. The name of Trunyan can also mean the presence of Taru tree that is the trees  which spread incense fragrance.


human skulls.

Trunyan village has many interesting thing to see. One is the habit of local residents in bury. Unlike most of the Balinese who perform ceremonies Ngaben by burning the corpse, but at the village they just put all the death bodies in a certain place so it is only one place. The bodies are in the fence the food shelf made of bamboo form a cone to avoid the wild animal attacks.

The laying of the bodies mentioned above only applies to those who died naturally. Meanwhile, residents who died from accidents, suicide, there are injuries or a child who has not dated milk teeth remain in the grave such as burial in general.

For people who have never seen a corpse, the Village will look very armature Trunyan because it will meet or see many human skulls here and there. But that’s just skulls the main attraction of the Village Trunyan.

In addition, the Village also has a unique dance which  they call it  Brutuk Barong Dance. Brutuk Barong Dancers wearing clothes made of leaves Kraras or dried banana leaves. People believe  that Brutuk Barong Dance is the incarnation of  Ratu Pancering Jagat who is the ancestors of local residents. This is the amazing oleh Trunyan-Bali


The Beauty of Lake Toba North Sumatra

The beauty of Lake TobaWhen we visit Lake Toba, the word amazing or incredible it is inappropriate to describe it. The lake measuring 100 km x 30 km, this is the biggest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Surrounded by high plains and mountains covered by pine trees.

The lake is more like the ocean, has a long history, as based on scientific data, formerly of Mount Toba erupted three times ever. These eruptions produce some of the caldera.

The first eruption occurred about 840 million years ago. This eruption produced the caldera in the south of Lake Toba, covering area Prapat and Porsea. The second eruption that has a smaller force, occurred 500 million years ago. This eruption formed the caldera in the north of Lake Toba. Precisely in the area between Silalahi with Haranggaol. The third eruption 74,000 years ago produced a caldera, and be present with Lake Toba Samosir Island in the middle. Mount Toba is classified Supervolcano. This is because Mount Toba has large pockets of magma that erupted kalderanya if huge. Volcano kalderanya hundreds of meters, while Supervolacano is tens of kilometers. (Source,

Lake Toba

Occasionally a time to talk yourself to the locals about the history of Lake Toba. History based on the trust of the population will be a great legend, a love story.  Consider the story of a rock cliff that hangs on the edge of Lake Toba (stone Hanging) by retaining only a stone the size of very thin like the shape of a woman. Stone is a legend hanging romance.

Incredibly Lake Toba really I see with my own eyes, with incredible scenery. Starting with the town of Parapat, we can cross the lake to Samosir Island is located right in the middle of the lake, using the ferry. Please list the ticket whether or not carrying vehicles.

Before departure to the island of Samosir is, is a scene of children at the lake is so wonderful swimming and diving. Travel for 1.5 hours can be enjoyed while their pictures taken with the jolly background beautiful lakes and mountains.

A time to yourself to take a bath or swim in the lake while around by a speed boat or water bike. If you want to swim with hidrila plants, then the edge of lakes in the area Pangururan is the right place.

Various works of the hands of the population can be taken as a memory of our presence in lake Toba. Stop in to see their homes while making hand-woven traditional clothing called ulos be very enjoyable. And do not forget to enjoy grilled fish native lake Toba mujahir fish that tastes very fresh and sweet.

If you do not want to go back through the Lake Toba using the ferry, then travel overland through the Tele or Pangururan can be done. This trip was also to test the guts of a winding road and enjoy the scenery of Lake Toba, or Mainland. Throughout the journey can be seen various views of monuments based on clans in the tribe of Batak and residential units that still use the tempo of building a model first.

Go to Lake Toba, North Sumatra. Enjoy the breeze and the beautiful expanse of the lake and feel the incredible sensation. Don’t forget to bring First Aid with you


Courtesy : Jumialely