Dayak Dance, Dance of Native People From Borneo

Dayak DanceDayak Dance actually is one of the traditional culture that make Indonesian really proud of the culture.


Well, this is great for you because when you visit this location which is good for you because there are a lot of Dayak dance which is represent about dayak life and the their dance and there are most favorite dances which is become well – known about their culture such as gantar dance, kancet papatai dance or war dance, the third is about kancet ledo dance or gong dance, kancet lisan dance, and the last is about leleng dance. Well, this is good for you if you are visiting Kalimantan to find out the culture about dance from dayak.

The first Dayak Dance that you can find is about gantar dance which is describing about the movement from farmer when they are trying to plant rice.

By using the stick of bamboo and also grains, it actually illustrate about the rice seed and also the container itself. It is famous dance and it is commonly performed for welcoming the guests. Meanwhile, the second is about the kancet paptai dance or war dance. Well, quite different from the first dance because it is describe about the dayak hereo, kenyah who already known – well as a hero that fights for enemy and the movement is so energetic, great spirit and even it is followed with shouting from the dancers itself.

Dayak Dance for the third dance is about kancet ledo dance or it can be said as gong dance which is depict about the beauty woman as a rice plant which is blown by the wind and it is performed by wearing traditional clothing. The fourth dance which is popular for the tourist is abou kancet lasan dance because it is depict the life of the bird or enggang as the simple symbol of glory and also heroism which is done by the single performance from the dance of dayak kenyah especially woman with the movement which is good and it does not use any gong. Mostly she dance by lowering the position with the knees and touch the ground. The last dance which is famous in dayak is about leleng dance.

Well, there is a story about this dance and it tells about the girl who named utan along who was forced to married by her parents to a boy and she does not like him. She ran away to the jungle.


However, there still a lot of dance that you can find when you visit and travel to Kalimantan especially about finding the fact of Dayak Dance.