Ijen Crater Amazing Blue Flame

Ijen Crater Amazing  Blue FireIjen Crater is one of the golden triangle of tourism among Banyuwangi, besides Baluran and Plengkung. For lovers of nature and the challenge of Tour, Ijen Crater could be one option to travel. In Ijen crater we can travel up the mountain while enjoying the fresh air and natural beauty. Enjoying tremendous crater, and look at the full activity of sulfur miners struggle.

Ijen Crater tourism region is located in the subdistrict, Glossy, Banyuwangi and District Klobang, Bondowoso. Ijen crater at the top of Mount Ijen, which is one of a series of volcanoes in East Java as Mount Semeru, Mount Bromo and Mount Merapi (volcano is named the same as Mount Merapi in Central Java).
Ijen Crater lies at an altitude of 2368 meters above sea level. Lake water surface elevation of approximately 2140 m above sea level the lake with a depth of approximately 200 m. Size of the crater itself approximately 960 meters x 600 meters with an area of ​​5466 Hectares crater reached. Caldera Ijen Crater is the largest caldera on the island of Java. The size of the caldera about 20 miles . The crater is located at a depth of more than 300 meters beneath the caldera wall.
Ijen Crater is a crater lake in the world with a ph of 0 to 0.5. The crater  temperature reaches 200 degrees Celsius, contains approximately 36 million cubic meters of acidic water steaming, and shrouded in mist smelling of sulfur.

The beauty of nature in Ijen Crater tour is also noteworthy. The crater is colored green with a bluish haze and smoke of the sulfur that is very charming. Temperatures around the crater Ijen reach 12-18 C and temperatures in the slope can reach about 10 degrees Celsius, even colder at night (can reach 2 degrees Celsius). Inside the crater, a variety of colors and sizes can be found brimstone.

The best time to witness the beauty of Ijen is in the morning.
We can also see a view towards the Bali strait, as well as stunning views of other mountains around Mount Ijen. That is Mount Merapi, Mount Widodaren, Mount Ranti and Mount Papak. The beauty of a variety of upland plants also adorn the road to Ijen Crater. Flowers Edelweis also encountered this region. Usually this interest began to blossom around July – September. In addition there is a mountain fir tree, the tree is leafless Manisrejo redness, and various other upland plants.

To reach the Ijen crater, you have to down a path along the cliffs of the caldera. You can also surround the caldera in the region to take to achieve 8 to 10 hours on foot.

Ijen Crater Amazing Blue Flame


Ijen Crater

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At night, the scene is no less attractive, visible blue fire out of the crevices of the rocks of the crater. Accompanied by a sound like a roaring gas stove. The fire originated from Lava Hot Sulphur.
One of the natural scenery in the region Ijen Crater is a traditional sulphur miners. The miners are taking sulfur sulfur from the crater bottom. Around about 100 people carrying sulfur which piece of bamboo over his shoulder back with a kind of bamboo basket is filled with dozens of kilograms of sulfur in it which depends on the right side left. The burden weighs 80 kg ranging up to 120 Kgs.
The miners are accustomed to bear this heavy burden as he walked along the path on the caldera cliffs as far as three kilometers down the mountain. They dig sulfur, up and down, down the slope a few kilometers before beleran sold dipelelangan, in a day can accumulate sulfur ranges from 6 to 7 tons. It is a very risky and full of struggle.

You can reach the Ijen crater via two alternative routes. Here is a route frequently used by visitors to Ijen Crater:

- Route Banyuwangi
Access road from Banyuwangi to Mount Ijen relative has been very good to pass various types of vehicles. Even the two-wheeled vehicles can easily pass through. That’s because along the entrance road in the village rose to the tourist area of ​​Mount Ijen up to the last post in Paltuding already paved. This route is commonly used by climbers for climbing route of Mount Ijen. To reach Mount Ijen from Banyuwangi, Banyuwangi route could ride public transportation – Glossy – Guava within approximately 45 miles. From Jambu journey continues to Paltuding, with motorcycle taxis or rental cars. The journey from Guava toward Paltuding surrounded by a beautiful natural forest. Paltuding is the main gate to the Nature Reserve Nature Trail Ijen Crater, which is also the Post PHPA (Forest Protection and Nature Conservation).

- Route Bondowoso
This route is easier to pass because the road conditions are good and relatively smooth. This route can be reached from Bondowoso, then headed Wonosari, then to Sempol and finally to Patulding. Mileage of this route is about 70 kilometers. The journey to these accusations Pal we pass meadows and vast coffee plantations.
After arriving in Paltuding (Either through Banyuwangi route and Bondowoso) and buy passes (only a few thousand dollars). After that you have to walk a distance of approximately 3 km. Initial trajectory as far as 1.5 km rather uphill. Most of the lines with a slope of 25-35 degrees. Amid the trip, we can beritirahat in Post Bunder (heading unique because it has a circular shape) then the path is relatively little ramps. Ijen crater area is a tourist area that is often made in the family because of the terrain hiking tours that do not really need the extra power and has an interesting panorama.

If you want to enjoy Ijen crater before noon, you should stay in the region Paltuding. There are simple lodgings run by officers who in the post Paltuding perhutani. You can climb to the crater after / before dawn, so get Ijen before noon. And can enjoy the morning sun and the crater is still not much smoke. Region Paltuding there are also many stalls selling food and drinks. Visitors Ijen crater consists of Domestic and Foreign Tourist. Overseas tourists usually visit Ijen after / before the trip to Bali.

Tips When Being in Ijen Crater:
1. Do not go to Ijen during rain season. Because when the rain season Around Ijen bit vulnerable and slippery.
2. Vehicle should be sufficient. If the vehicle is inadequate, we can many times out of the car and on foot. Because the road to Paltuding pretty uphill.
3. Equip yourself with a jacket, because the air temperature in the region including cold Ijen. And if you do not intend to stay at Paltuding, you should come down from the crater before the evening, because usually the afternoon the fog began to fall and the weather gets colder.
4. Before starting to climb, prepare physically first. If health is less supportive, should not make the climb. Do not forget to bring supplies of medicines. Bathroom is only available in Paltuding, so we suggest you prepare yourself well.
5. Wear appropriate shoes. Shoes that are adequate to prevent slipping while climbing.
6. Bring food and drink, because after a tired journey from Paltuding to Top of Ijen, we can enjoy lunch there while unwind. But do not throw garbage around the crater, waste should be brought back until the fall of the crater.
7. Bring a handkerchief / towel + water, because there is usually attacks stinging smoke that smelled of sulfur. Cover the nose with a handkerchief wet if you block the sulfur fumes.
Do not forget to document our journey. Including documenting the beauty of Nature Ijen. And try to bring the battery is full because it will be difficult to charge in the region Paltuding. Ijen Crater is one area that often the photographer intended for hunting.
9. Bringing money while climbing, usually at the post before Ijen, sold many sulfur-sulfur variety of forms. We can buy it for a few thousand dollars as souvenirs.
10. If passed a miners Brimstone, please give way before them.
11. Should not hike alone, is better in groups or with a group.

Ijen Crater Amazing Blue Flame  reported by Ajeng Dewi Saraswati


Blue Flame on Ijen Crater

The blue fire at Ijen CraterIjen Crater is one of the golden triangle of Banyuwangi Tourism ,East Java, in addition to Baluran and Plengkung. For lovers of nature and challenges of tourism, Ijen crater may become one of the sightseeing options. In the crater we can travel up the mountain while enjoying the fresh air and natural beauty. Enjoy the incredible crater, and see the full activity of sulfur miners struggle. Read More »