Visit the Great Wall

Great wall of ChinaWhen I visited Beijing I had opportunity to visit The Great Wall or the Great Wall of China . This monument would not be surprised if it included as one of the wonders of the world and also included in world heritage sites – Unesco. Because this giant wall has extraordinary length of about 6400 that extends from Sanhai Pass in the east to Lop Nur in the west. While this magnificent building height of 8 m.

The Great Wall was built in order to stem the enemy troops that come from the north of the Mongols. No wonder at a certain distance also built a tall tower of 10 meters more to spy the coming enemy. And now the wall built hundreds of years had become a tourist attraction that brings money to the Chinese.

Development of the Great Wall of China was carried on from generation to generation and from dynasty to dynasty. It is said that great wall of China’s development starts before the Qin Dynasty that the next in succession followed by the Qin Dynasty, Sui Dynasty, and completed at the time of the Ming Dynasty.

The tourists in addition to following the path along the wall climbing also can ride a cable car with a payment. We can also be purchased a variety of souvenirs such as T-shirts, keychains, postcards and other trinkets.
Unfortunately I have not found a restaurant that serves Chinese cuisine. I suggest you to visit the Great Wall.