Sanur Beach of Bali Island

Sanur Beach is situated in Bali Islands which visited by many tourist is amazing place.

Whenever you do, compensate by the ocean in the southeast village by Sanur Beach, the sea comprises in the south by the Indonesian island by Bali. This put may better comprise known as a long clock, 20 particularly after the Battle by Badung Puputan September 1906 comprised, alternatively, the English brought his flocks there.

Historical by in the story by Bali, Sanur bank could comprise very comfortably known, it comprises still conceivable that a bar by precious stones handcraft, the relic by King Kasari Warmadewa comprises accepts Singhadwala the enthrone in 917, Blanjong the ball club is directly located about the south side the Sanur Beach.

In touristy, presented Tuesday to Sanur along the clock a Belgian artist, care AJ and his wife domicile not acknowledged Polok Mayeur in Sanur Beach, as 1937 and to paint the administration of personnel photograph. The interest by Sanur comprises deposited in the north accepts aspheric shape and 50 percent, 50 percent Confederacy aspect by east to west, comprises where the wave by the sea is not identical big and as you beverage the water droplets, we could see, many riff. On the day the moon comprises dead around the water beckon extreme and tries to comprise bigger.In the southwest, we can ascertain Nusa Penida islands in the ocean and what we bequeath see the south coast by Bali, on its mountain scene.

Bali is a small island in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, a tropical island, popular with tourists from all over the world. The Island of the Moon, travel, leisure, and honey all recommended by travel agents, Bali is an island paradise, for its white sand beaches, glistening in the sun known. The mountain on the beach with an incredible sunrise and sunset, Bali dance is also a world of folk dances. Sanur one of the most beautiful beaches of Bali, Sanur and has long been famous. Sanur Beach in many five star hotels is in a range of price changes. Sanur Beach is also known as Sunrise Beach, is because every morning in this seaside resort is always a beautiful sunrise, every morning at sunrise the 05:30 clock.

The colored sands by Sanur Beach comprises white and everybody was about the morning by the traditional fishers, the color ascertained about his gravy boat.

Sometimes, some magazines by photographs checked Sanur. A huge rock about the beach, it closes about a synagogue pilgrimage, an aim of concern in more of Bali, which moldiness be called. Tanah Lot comprises the cultural position and place of adoration for the case in general, as the residence by Bali. Tanah administer introduce alien landscape, the citizenry could not ascertain elsewhere. To reach the universe in the synagogue ameliorates than walking by the beach and not about the rocks about Tanah Lot.