Taman Mini Indonesia Indah for Traditional Culture

Taman Mini Indonesia IndahTaman Mini Indonesia Indah or in short you can call it as TMII which means that beautiful Indonesia miniature park.

TMII is actually is created as the place for recreation completed with the park as the synopsis of the virtual aspect from Indonesian lifestyle which is representing cultures, natures, even about the heritages which is came out from Indonesian people. If you want to visit it, you can find the location on the Pondok Gede persist on the east of Jakarta with the width for it is only more than 160 hectares.

The history about why the president established this place is since the period of President Soeharto as the second Indonesian president. The idea about creating park recreation was come from her wife as the way to respect the sense of nationality, proud of Indonesia, and also about devotion among Indonesian people itself and that idea made president realized to create the recreation park that until now still represent about the beauty and also the wealth of Indonesia in miniatures and the construction itself started since 1971 then opened in 1975. I

In this place, you can find out the traditional pavilions that became the traditional houses and it is built from 26 provinces in Indonesia only. The pavilions however created with the ornaments and also the motif itself appeared from every territory. Not only that, but also in this place you can find out the traditional furniture that has been the icon from each territory. Some pavilions which are created in this Taman mini Indonesia Indah are included in the traditional house such as tongkonan from tana toraja, balon alsof from batak toba and also many more. Because there are actually 26 provinces that Indonesian people have, so of course there must be 26 pavilions in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Besides the traditional houses in this tourist object, you can also find out the museum around 15 museums there that represents about Indonesian natural museum which can be the good place for you to find out more history about Indonesia.

The last point that you can find in this object of tourisms is about the park in this object that are around 11 units of the park such as orchid park, cactus park, jasmine park, bird park, and many more. Well, it is better for you if you also choose this destination to the travel within your family so that you can get meaningful traveling in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

Do visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta

Visit Madurodam Netherlands

Madurodam ComplexIndonesia has the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or beautiful Indonesia Miniature , and The Hague has Madurodam which is located in Schevenigen-The Hague, Netherlands. We we visit Madurodam we will findĀ  various unique buildings and landmarks which are located in various cities in The Netherlands. Comparison between the original building with its miniature at Madurodam is 1: 25.

This miniature building construction was initiated by Mrs. B. Boon-van der Starp and Mr and Mrs JML Maduro. Read More »